View Full Version : Problem with posting a form

03-12-2005, 01:24 AM
What would be the most obvious reason that a submit button would not do anything?

I've got the tag <FORM action="CheckApprover" method="post"> specified, but when you click on the submit button, it just sits there, instead of going to the HTML block, "CheckApprover".

Could my macro be confused because of multiple <FORM> tags that have different action specifications?

Here's some more details. I'm developing using net.data macros. The FORM tag that I refer to above is in an SQL function block, immediately after the
%REPORT keyword. I'm wondering if my function is completing, then control is passed back to the code immediately after my function was called. Within this block, there is another <FORM> tag that posts data to a different HTML block. Is this bad? Thing is, when control is returned to the function after my function was called, it doesn't process anymore of the current function.

Does any of this make ANY sense?

UPDATE: I figured it out, it was, as I suspected, quite simple! (isn't it usually that way?) I simply had put my </FORM> closing tag before my submit buttons. After I moved my closing tag to after the submit buttons, Voila!