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03-09-2005, 01:33 AM
Hi guys,

First script and first post. If you could take a look at my site (in development stage). a problem page (http://www.mp3playerlove.com/players/iriver_H10.php)

Ok, so the text under the image doesn't change when you change image. I can see why. The function printImageText() isn't getting called when the image is changed... Sadly, I dont what to do about this. I was looking at some other slideshow code and he was applying the text to a value of a form element. Is there a way to this using forms (I think the text boxes are ugly)

Another problem arose when I tried to chnage the back and next links to images. i.e. ( <img href="JavaScript:slideshowBack()" src='myimage.jpg' /> ). The links stopped working.

Sorry to post such a large problem. Due to my inexperience with javascript I couldn't break down and isolate the problem area. Hopefully it wont be too bad.

The great thing about javascript, unlike serverside code, is everyone can see your code to debug it for you :)


03-09-2005, 04:09 AM
Images don't have href attributes (use onclick to call the function).

If your printImageText() does very little, get rid of it--and put its code into the the slide show function(s), or call it from them, or the event handler, as in: onclick="slideshowBack();printImageText()".