View Full Version : Switching from Frames - recommendations?

03-04-2005, 07:59 PM
Hi all,

After reading through the majority of the posts, I've decided to eliminate using frames for my site. But now I'm confused on which method to use.

My site is going to be set up with a static left nav bar (150 pixels wide) and a top static banner (100 pixels high).

I read a pretty decent article about SSI include, (saving all of the pages as shtml docs) which seemed to work but I couldn't keep the left bar static if I had a page with content that extended down a ways. And then of course now I can't find where I put the article.

It seems like this would be the easiest method (as opposed to a CSS style) because I already have the html for the nav bar and top banner completed.

Any recommendations or recommended articles? thanks a ton!

03-04-2005, 09:32 PM
Apply some CSS to it.

#menu {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
left: 0;

This will fix your menu in the top left, no matter how far down you scroll. It doesn't work in IE though, so if you want 95% of the web community to be able to see your site, it's probably not a good idea. I do stuff like this because I hate IE and I always recommend visitors to my site get Firefox.

Other than this, I'm sure there will be a JavaScript technique that will help. STW for 'position fixed javascript ie' and 210,000 pages come up. http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/fixedPosition.html looks to be a good bet.


03-04-2005, 11:15 PM
Two words: "overflow: auto".

I'm going to assume that it's the scrolling and not the separate files you really want to keep; you can put your content in a div with a set height, and have the excess scroll.

miggsy007's idea is great too, if you're more concerned about the static menu.

Personally, I'd say don't worry about the static menu/frame emulation look.