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02-25-2005, 11:12 AM

Here's the story: Right now I'm wanting to create my own site relating to gaming and gaming creation using programs called RPG Maker's and unfortunately I don't have 5 years of my life to waste learning hardcore scripts. I just want a certain relative effect.

Whilst creating my site/forums I've come across the conclusion that it's just too hard doing it all by myself. After searching other sites I saw that most other webmasters have their own staff helping them out. Well I want a partner whose interested in gaming and gaming development to help out in the site.

>>Qualities Needed<<
- Must be online frequent
- Must be open to ideas and willing to work
- Must be willing to treat the site as if it were there own
- Must be interested in help making gamers who wish to make their game development come true!
- Must have general/above scripting knowledge. Doesn't have to a master but has to know how to at least make icons and make tables in any form.
- Must be creative and help with the web layout.
- Must offer input and personal suggestions.
- Must know some html/java/php.
- Must be prepared to help out/help fill content/help with forums.

I'm not too picky but a partner whose willing to work with me. The hiring person will be treated as a webmaster equal, will have access to file manager, I will consider the person a pal in creating this dream, they will be an administrator in the forums, and they must take as much pride in it as I do! Pretty much a 50/50 partner.

Please give me all requests here or email me at xsilverblade@gmail.com with a short intro about yourself and your yahoo/msn name. I take pride and dignity with what I do and how I handle my skills... and I hope my partner can be the same. =)

Please note that not everyone will be accepted, I will email you back or add you to my messenger if I believe you are right for this job.

Thanks for all your time and I hope I can one day drag you all in to the world that is gaming and development. :wink:

(Forgive me if this isn't allowed or it's in the wrong forum, I didn't see anything forbidding this type of help in the rules.)

02-25-2005, 12:15 PM
Since I didn't see you mention any sort of monetary compensation, I guess it wouldn't qualify as a job offer; for a volunteer job however, you ain't asking for little... Good luck!

02-26-2005, 12:24 AM
Yes I'm aware of this. However, all I'm asking for is somebody who wants to do pretty much the same thing I'm wanting to do but create it togethor with professionalism.