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02-24-2005, 03:43 AM
Ok I know it kind of sucks to repeat an earlier post, but to be hones I'm not entirely repeating it. Anyway I first posted this under the quite vague and probaby too-often seen, although not at all incorrectly chosen title of "Strage Firefox behavior". No one reacted. I went looking around on the forum only to find people with (I think) similar problems, also with unanswered posts. The good nes is: I'm no langer blaming any Firefox bug. The bad news is: I still have the same problem, though slightly different since I changed my css.
This is the original post:

"I have this kind of weird thing with FF on my site. The site is a pivot-based blog, and it features a main page with one relative (width=760, aligned in center) outer container div which holds 3 divs for header, menu and "main"-content. The "main"-content div contains the introductions to entries, including a "x comments already" link which links to the page of the specific entry, which is done in php (I guess?) like this "entry.php?id=y#comm"

This is where the weird thing happens, SOMETIMES, ONLY in Firefox, and ONLY the first time you click on the link, the entrypage opens with the view centered on the comments, but cutting off the header and parts of the menu and main div, anything which exceeds the window edge, is either cropped sometimes, or disappears behind the "outer" container, as if overflow=hidden was set or something.

the strange thing is this NEVER happens when you right klick and "open link in new window", or when you copy paste the link...
and whenever this error occurs and I press 'refresh page', the problem is gone, and the page is displayed normally. quite strange...

Is this maybe a Firefox bug, since nothing seems to be wrong with the link itself?

Anyway, for reference you can check the site out here, try it, maybe it's just me:

...That was the earlier topic I posted. I still have the problem, though I have noticed some difference since I changed the properties of the "comments" div whicht is always php genereated inside the "main" div to "overflow: hidden" instead of having the entire "outer" containing div style properties set to "overflow: hidden". Ever since I changed that, the error still occurs, but it never makes the entire header + top of the "nav" and "main" divs disappear anymore, instead, it makes the contents of the "nav" and "main" div disappear underneath the "header" div. If you don't want to look up the css yourself which I kind of forgot last time and find perfectly understandable; look here: http://www.panzerfaust.org/pivot/templates/panzerstyle.css
Sure hope anyone even knows what the hell I'm talking about cause it's really kind of weird and I really dont have a clue as to what may be causing this...

02-24-2005, 05:17 AM
Well, on both of your posts I couldn't recreate the problem. (using FF on OSX)

One thing that might be making it hard for people to help you out on this one is that you are referencing English links but as far as I can tell your entire page is in Dutch. :confused:

Either way, things look okay on my end... nothing is getting cut-off before or after refresh.

02-24-2005, 02:48 PM
Ok thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it's ok on your system... maybe it's just my computer and stuff. (I should reinstall windows sometime, but im too lazy). Hope to hear from more people though...

02-24-2005, 05:22 PM
I, too, was unable to reproduce the problem. Which version of Firefox are you using? If you're using something earlier than the 1.0 build, maybe that's the culprit.

It may also be the fact that the your XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup pops up some 300 errors with the W3C validator. Most of these are missing end tags for elements, and of these, most should not be relevant to the problem (though you should fix them). What could be relevant is the several missing end tags for p elements.