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02-23-2005, 05:37 PM

I'm after some advice on how to redo the following page to make it as small as possible. The looping movie in the middle is just there as a test really so ignore that. But I've got cells, border effects, image buttons galore and I'm wanting to redo it as small as possible.


The news and biog buttons are the only ones that link to other pages so far as its currently only in test stage. Hence the lack of content.

I was going to try using just one image button and have different text in each cell, instead of loads of buttons. Any thoughts on this? I also wondered about the button image being the background of the cell.

I don't really know much about CSS but would this be the best option for me to explore?
Each page will look like this with different content in the middle screen.

If someone could advise on how I could minimise the page size with the layout I have, I'd be very grateful.
I'd like to avoid the page going blank when it goes to a new page of the same layout. I know once each page is loaded you can go back to them and they're quite seamless - but is there a way of doing this first time?
Preloading pages? Using frames?



02-23-2005, 08:19 PM
CSS is the way to go. You'd be separating out all the junk in each page, cleaning it into one file. You would definately drop your file size significantly. I'd also drop the frames completely, they have some major downfalls which will come back to haunt you in time.

Essentially, all you have is a 3 column layout:
easiest (http://glish.com/css/7.asp)
link 1 (http://www.webproducer.at/flexible-layout/)
link 2 (http://www.fu2k.org/alex/css/layouts/3Col_OrderedAbsolute.mhtml?order=213&left_width=200&left_unit=px&right_width=300&right_unit=px&body_margin=0&column_padding=0&longest=1&controls=1&show_style=0)
link 3 (http://www.fu2k.org/alex/css/)
google search (http://www.google.com/search?q=3-column+layout+css&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8)

With lists in those elements. Work on your CSS skills by attempting to build off of these examples, and reading up at:

To shrink your files you need to start:
Not using any tables (unless for tabular data)
all styles such as fonts, colors, backgrounds in CSS
HTML is semantic

There are some excellent site examples at:

As well as some in our examples thread:)

02-23-2005, 09:17 PM
Thats great. Thankyou for that.