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02-20-2005, 01:36 AM
Please go to:


When I go to the site with Mozilla, and I minimize the stupid yahoo thing below:


My page shifts to the right appropriately.

When I try doing the same thing in IE, it doesn't shift.

This is a big issue for me because I will be using absolute positioning throughout the web page and I will run into major issues later on with it.

Here is my html for that page:

<script type="text/javascript">


<script type="text/css">



<body bgcolor='#ffffff'>

<div style="position:fixed;position:absolute;top:20px;left:100px;right:100px">

<div id="banner" align="center"><img src="images/FreshMartBanner.gif"/></div>
<div id="menu" align="center">
<script language="JavaScript" vqptag="doc_level_settings" is_vqp_html=1 vqp_datafile0="new_menu2.js" vqp_uid0=818402>cdd__codebase = "";cdd__codebase818402 = "";</script><script language="JavaScript" vqptag="datafile" src="new_menu2.js"></script><script vqptag="placement" vqp_menuid="818402" language="JavaScript">create_menu(818402)</script>

<div id="slidingText" style="position:absolute;top:250px;left:50px;right:50px">

<font style="font-size:15pt;font-style:italic;font-weight:800;color:#CC6600"><MARQUEE align="center" WIDTH="600" BEHAVIOR=SCROLL DIRECTION=LEFT BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE BGColor="#FFFFFF">Green Seedless Grapes on Sale for $4.99!!.......................Check out our finely packaged salads too!................................</MARQUEE></font>



Thank you for your help!!

02-20-2005, 01:41 AM
I think that because of your ad, IE may say, look there's an ad, lets center that, too! to fix this, you may want to put your absolutely positioned stuff in a relatively positioned wrapper div.


It looks as if there is a JS error, and that the <marquee> (a deprecated tag) scroller is cutting off your menu. It may be easier, once you fix these basic errors, to diagnose more significant problems in your code.