View Full Version : Suckerfish from ALA Help needed

02-17-2005, 10:38 PM
I am trying to use the Suckerfish menu from ALA, and I get it for the most part, I just ran into a few confusing things. My pages that contain the code are attached. The end result should look like the menu on http://www.webpropertiesinc.com.

Problems I am currently having:
Text size: The text is smaller than I would like, but if I alter the size of the li {Xem;} to get the top level items right, then the bottom level items get HUGE. Whats the best way to solve this?

Spacing: All cells on the ALA example are the same size. I need them to be different sizes. I tried to assign classes to each of the cells and then size accordingly, but this just messed it up and caused it to display as just a list with no styling (yes i did make sure i closed all my attributes and everything semantic like that). What is the best way to resolve this one?

I think that is all the help i need for now. Thanks!

Edit: Oh yeah, my second level cells do not span the width of the cell. Ex- on suckerfish you can highlight the whole cell with you mouse to the side of the text, but with mine you can only highlight the cell & access the link if you click or hover on the text itself. If i were to assign three letters to these problems, they would be W, T, and F. Please help.