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Feb 11th, 2005, 06:26 PM
Hi there,

havin difficulty with sum code that has been passed down to me.

It doesn't seem to work in mozzilla based browsers FF and NS. :(
the weird thing is the previous pages which forward all the parameters work fine its just on this page! (https://www.secure-website.com/muslimhands/bank_details.htm?desc=Zak%3A0-Sad%3A20+-+OID%3A7573--&startDate=2005-03-06&normalAmount=20&donor_id=&title=&surname=test&forename=test&address1=test&address2=test&city=test&postcode=test&[email protected]&telephone=&oid_1=7573&oid_2=&oid_3=&oid_4=&oid_5=&stud_id_1=&stud_id_2=&stud_id_3=&stud_id_4=&stud_id_5=)

make sure you click on the link above in either FFox or Netscape

just put in sum dodgy numbers for the sort code and ac no....! (obviously) and chk out the next screen. The error itself is visible on the next screen. When you try and click next! It does not work! weird!

please advise

Sarah :confused:

Feb 11th, 2005, 07:46 PM
You need to access your form elements with the document object. Something like document.FormName.FormElement.value