View Full Version : Images, Cookies? (Not connected)

02-08-2005, 02:27 AM
Ok first off Hellp everyone,

Ok well since got a system just sitting around thought I get my server back up. And with the launch of the new server I thought I make a new site all together. So I need some ways to do a few things I have not done in the past.
With images I want icons, but I want it so when mouse is over another image appears in an area while mouse is over it. Is there some sort of preload images too, so it dont load image by image? Anohter thing with images. If they click the icon I want it to show up ina small box and then expand to full size when it is done loading and make it appear. Which I see often on Korean game sties.
eng.pristontale.com, kalonline.com

Next with cookies. How would I set up a cookie so that it will not autoplay a flash when vistor come. Want flash banner but only autoplay on first visit or when cookie no longer there?