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01-29-2005, 11:27 PM
..ok, I'm new to this, so explaining this might sound a little rusty.

I used to use the onmouseover script for individual link buttons on my navbar for a site, then I found out about image mapping...I liked the fact that its only one image, but I still want it to roll-over as another image upon onmouseover/out.

ex: I have 5 links on an image map, I want EACH link to have its own image rollover upon mouseover.
HELP...or link to some site that can.

01-30-2005, 12:14 AM
The answer is very simple. Don't use an image map.
This is why i say this.

If you want onmousovers on your image map.
Say your mapped image is 600x200px.
you need in your case 6 times an image of 600x200px to make the onmousover. This is gonna take a lot of kb's.

When you just slice the images you want your onmouseover on its much smaller.

But if you stil want your onmouseovers on a image map then just do it on the
image map.

<img name="imgname" src="sample.jpg" width="600" height="200" usemap="#Map" border="0">

<area shape="rect" coords="17,6,62,29" href="cars.htm" onmouseover='imgname.src="image_for_this_onmouseover.jpg"' onmouseout='imgname.src="default_image.jpg">

GB Joe
01-31-2005, 03:06 PM
Snuff - I'm trying to sort out a similar kind of thing, it might be worth taking a gander at this thread:
There are also some clever CSS methods for doing things like this which are linked to in my first post above.

If you have any revelations on this do let us know, it seems to be foxing a lot of people at the moment (although I daresay that's largely down to my poor explanations). :thumbsup: