View Full Version : css dropdown menu + IE (mac & pc) woes

01-24-2005, 03:30 PM
I am very new to this whole css thing, but am trying to get all learned about it. I think I am doing badly so far.

I am trying to make css drop-down menus, and have pulled code from all over the place, and modified it to look correct (so as to match my design comp). it is based on the suckerfish model <http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dropdowns/> and it works exactly as it should in safari, firefox (mac & pc). but doesn't work correctly at all in IE (mac or pc). I have implemented the "ie fix" with the javascript code several sites instructed me to use, and while it now sorta works (in the sense that the menus drop down), there are still problems. such as in IE on pc you can't roll down to the drop down menus, because they go away as soon as you roll off the top menu item.

in IE on mac they are messed up in a whole other way. you can roll down to them, and they don't go away as soon as you're off the top nav option, but the hover is all jacked, and the menu is broken, sending the last nav button down to the next line! aaahhh!

here's the menu in question:

can anyone help me?! I'm sorry I'm so stupid and helpless, but... well. I am pathetic.

any tips/etc would be mighty appreciated!