View Full Version : Problems with caching

01-05-2005, 10:48 PM
First. I relly dont know if this is a html or an asp problem.

I have an intro page where an asp script randomises a .js page as source depending on intro. After the intro the visitor is redirected (meta refresh) to the a page.
The problem is that if the user goes back the same intro is showed. I.e. the page has been cached an no randomisation can be done.
What is worse is that if the visitor goes to some other page and then comes back the same thing happends. The cached page is being showed.

If the page is visited in a new window while the old is still open this, however, does not happend.

I understand it is the cashing that messes up. Now I have tried with asp to solve it but nor
response.cachecontrol = "public" or the
response.addHeader "PRAGMA", "NO_CACHE" solves it.
How can this be solved? I rather not make a different page for each intro.