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Dec 30th, 2004, 07:54 PM
I'm looking at putting some serious time into upgrading and promoting my business web sites next year (2005) and, as I'm more of a programmer than a designer, I'd like to find someone to create a new design for my website. The current web site is http://www.artisticphotoz.com.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1) A clean, professional and elegant design. Examples of what I like
a) http://www.thurstonroyce.com/
b) http://www.tranquilityimages.com/

2) A unique design. The designs above are things that I like, but that doesn't mean I want a dupe of them. I'm looking for a new perspective, something that stands out from the crowd. Think Artistic.

3) No flash.

4) Design only. I don't need the html or anything else. All I need is a Photoshop / layered image that I'll put into html / css layout.

5) You are free to use any images you find on http://www.artisticphotoz.com along with another location I will provide later.

I'm willing to pay up to $100 for the design. I'm willing to pay up to 25% deposit with the remainder due upon approval of the final layout.

The final layout approved will become the exclusive property of Artistic Photoz and all copyrights will be owned by Artistic Photoz.

I am willing to add acknowledgment in the meta tags on my site, and possibly a link on the site as well, but no guarantees on the later.

Please email me at bcarl314 (at) gmail (.) com with the following:

1) 5 examples of sites you have designed before. These must be sites for which you played a MAJOR role in the layout (prefer exclusive role). I'm not concerned about tables vs. css for layout. Just the design. I want to see if you have an "artistic" eye.

2) A copy of your CV / Resume

3) Your age. I don't want to eliminate / offend anyone here, but as I'm not a lawyer, I don't want to get into any child labor law issues, so I can only consider people over 18 at this time.

4) Where you live. US is preferred but not required.

5) Contact information. Email required, phone number and address requested.

I would like to have a new design and web site launched by 3/1/2005. To do this, I'm hoping to get the design completed by 1/31/2005. So I'm going to be looking to have someone selected by 1/15/2005.

Thanks for your time.

Dec 31st, 2004, 02:44 AM
Hi, Here's an example of an art gallery site I produced (some years ago) http://www.howarth-gallery.co.uk/ I was mainly responsible for the graphics, and integrating the site wih an ASP/ Access DB system.


http://www.quadbikes-uk.co.uk/ (logo design, vignettes, and html)

Also, on a more recent note http://foxhill-bank.org.uk a more modern web standards approach.

Let me know if you like? Contact me at [email protected]

Kindest regards,


P.s I have more on CD that I can upload for you to view?

Dec 31st, 2004, 08:35 AM
Damn I wish I was 18 :( .