View Full Version : [VB] Winsock Issue

12-27-2004, 06:42 AM
My project is client/server and the client is .DLL with a form that uses only winsock api, no control. The server is .EXE and uses the winsock control. The client uses CSocketMaster.cls and ModSocketMaster.bas for the winsock.

When the client tries to connect to the server, it doesn't respond or popup any MsgBox saying "Connected" or "Couldn't Connect", it just simply doesn't respond.

Here is the declarations and code used to connect:

Dim WithEvents Client As CSocketMaster ' general declaration

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set Client = New CSocketMaster
End Sub

Private Sub cmdConnect_Click()
Client.Connect "66.666.666.666", "1075" ' Example IP
End Sub

I've tried the other way also, Client.RemoteHost, etc. but it doesn't make a difference.

The class and module are attached to this post to help solve this problem.

The MsgBox's are located at the end of the CSocketMaster.cls.

Hopefully someone can help me resolve this issue that's been haunting me for the past 4 days.