View Full Version : Making popup submenu visible in different frame

12-24-2004, 09:14 AM
I'm trying to make my popup submenus visible in a different frame than where the main menu is. I'm using dreamweaver mx and created a navigationbar with the standard dreamweaver tool in (let's say) frame 1. After that I've added the show-pop-up-behavior to the different buttons (javascript), which creates a perfect submenu when you roll over the main buttons. It works great, but... now I'd like the submenu's to apprear in a different frame, let's say frame 2, because the submenu's don't become vissible when I put the menu.html is a frameset where the menuframe is precisely as large as het menu itself.

Does anybody know how to adept the javascript to do this or does anybody know a program or different way to help me do this? I've also attached the specific Javascript menu document. Thanx for your time.


Willy Duitt
12-27-2004, 05:00 AM
Well, that was a waste of time...

You ask a question regarding frames and attach a zip file but not only is there no frameset included within the zip... There is no HTML either... Just one external javascript file which a quick look shows the entire thing will more than likely need to be rewritten to do what you want...


12-27-2004, 02:32 PM
Excuse me for the beginnersmistake, Willy. I hope this is the right way to explain my problem. I've created a simple example of my specific problem and attached it to this message. It's a setup of a html-page the way I'd like to create it.

Thanks for your time.