View Full Version : open multip popup window for a source file in much times

12-21-2004, 06:35 PM

i have a headache question, my clients want to open a pop window in multip time. Actually, if we had open a window before, there are no second window will be open for same source, even we change input parameters. how can we open multip window?
Thanks for any help

see my source codes
<a href="javascript:window.open('check_email3.html','new', '100', '100', '800', '175')"><img src="http://myhomepage/clientview/images/button_history.gif" align="top" border="0" width="65" height="15"></a><br>;
<a href="javascript:window.open('check_email3.html','new', '100', '100', '800', '175')"><img src="http://myhomepage/clientview/images/button_history2.gif" align="top" border="0" width="65" height="15"></a><br>;

Willy Duitt
12-21-2004, 06:39 PM
Do not assign a window name...

window.open('check_email3.html','new', .....