View Full Version : how to identify that a form has been submitted using C/CGI

12-15-2004, 07:55 AM
if i use the GET method for the form in my HTML, my script works fine coz what i have is an IF statement..


if (cgi_param("action"){

then processing starts here



this works coz cgi_param("action") (function is defined in another file [cgi.c])gets the value after "name" (name=action) in the URL that gets placed on the address bar when using the GET method. now the POST method does not show form values on the address bar. what's a good way of knowing that the user has submitted the form aside from the cgi_param() function i have above?

im quite a newbie in server side programming so pls bear w/ me :)


12-17-2004, 12:15 AM
well thats the standard way , check for a variable that the form had set , of course with GET anyone could have just typed that variable pair into the URL so you don't know if the request really is the result of a form , or if it is you don't know for sure it was even your form ;).

I would use a session or cookie variable set in the form page & checked on the processing page to verify that the form data actually came from where it alledged to have come from , how you would go about that in C I have not a clue , cookies are just http headers , sessions a little more involved.