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08-26-2002, 08:08 AM
Hi there people:
See this url:
Why in hell the options submenus doesnt fit well, with headers? In 1024 per 768 does look awful.
I tried doing what this guy told me but didnt work at all:
I need help soon, i can get crazy, i have tried all for weeks.
I asked again but the guy said he doesnt know more, hell, i did so, didnt work!!!!
It aligns pretty badly the submenus.
His answer was:
What you need to do is at first check whether the main menu header are taking exactly 80 width defined in table or not. You can check by making border=1 in that table. check each individual menu header by removing some last character and see if the width is getting shortened. if so then that header is taking more than 80 width. So increase its width and then reduce some other(one or more) menu header by the same amount.

Once your width are fixed of the menu, you can position the submenu pop up. To do that go to each submenu defined in <DIV> tag and style attribute. Change the left position after calculating the left point of the header( you can calculate that from the td header defined earlier) and width will be same as td width.


1. suppose your Quién Soy? menu's width is 80 then left will be 0 and width will be 80.
2. for Curriculum if width is 76 then left will be 80 and width will be 76
3. for Cirugias if widthis 60 then left=(80+76) =156 and width=60

.....like that..

this will allign your menu with popup.

08-26-2002, 05:42 PM
Um, because that's not the best menuing script you've got there. The left style positions of all the menu layers are hard-coded in the HTML (read: BAD). I see them starting at line number 154, then 160, then 167, and so on.

Instead of bothering to re-write/fix this one, just find something else. There are tons of menuing systems on sites like hotscripts.com, dynamicdrive.com, and javascriptkit.com

Happy hunting!