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12-07-2004, 02:41 PM

I need to be able to create a form at work which when submitted sends it's details to a third party company via email. Given the technical infatructure of my work this is not a simple as it would seem.

I have been told that a way it can be achived is using NT challenge response. I have never heard of this and have no idea on how to implement this into and html based form.

Can anyone help?

The options that were given to me were:

I would think that there are two ways these forms can be sent depending on the code within the form:
They use NTLM (NT Challenge Response) to read the users credentials which are passed to the page that handles the form information and then sends the form as the user.
The from field of the resulting email is detailed within the code of the page which handles the form information.

If this is the case then the first option would mean that emails would be sent externally only if the user filling out the form has the correct level of access to send external emails. The second option would require a generic email box to be set up and that the associated email account has the correct level of access to send external emails.

The key here is that the mails don't go directly from the web servers to the destination, each email goes via an exchange server which does the majority of the work.

The destination email address will obviously have to be detailed in smtp format as the Global Address List won't be able to resolve it.