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08-25-2002, 12:45 AM

I'm wondering, is there a script that I can use to remove banner ad's on my forums? I have these forums and they have both banner and pop ups. Since it wouldn't be fair for them to remove both, I want to remove the banner ads at least so that my boards look decent all together (we know of a fair way to go around the pop ups anyway). Is there Any script that I can use to place on my forums to remove banner ads from the top? By the way, the ads of course are in the headers. Thanks and please reply as soon as possible!:)

08-25-2002, 12:52 AM
but asking this type of question in these forums is in violation of the TOS to which you agreed.

Also, I'm sure the removal, etc. of said banners is in violatoin of the TOS of the forum you're using. I'm guessing it's free -- and that's how they're able to provide it to you. If you don't like the ads, then pony up the funds for a no-ads board.

08-25-2002, 01:02 AM
Really? I read it and I didn't think I had violated anything, as I had asked as nicely as possible, I used a very descriptive title, etc., and I definitely did my homework, and the scripts i've found, well, i'm not too sure about them, so I was wondering on what you guys could suggest... but Thanks anyway, i'll go elsewhere then.

PS: Thats the beauty of it, I just read their TOS and the funny part is, they list almost everything that is not permitted except the fact of using a script to remove the ad-banners. Besides, the ads would still be there. But like I said, thanks anyways, and I don't want to start a fight here or anything. Thanks for replying, I do appreciate it. :)

08-25-2002, 01:16 AM
works like this:

even if you didn't see it there, removing those ads is a violation of their TOS. those ads pay for the service, so removing those ads, is stealing the service.

it's against the TOS of this forum, to discuss things that are illegal, or immoral (granted, there's a bit of wiggle room on immoral), and helping anyone to remove the ads from their site, is aiding a criminal act, so not only do we get kicked out of the forums, we have a chance to get busted.

it's not just a bad idea, it's the law.

08-25-2002, 01:43 AM
I'll close this thread to prevent it from going anymore out of hand... just remember that the ads are there to pay for the service, and by removing them you are effectively stealing their service.