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11-22-2004, 04:07 PM
Hey guys,
Finally getting around to converting my layout to css-p, and I'm so close to the finish line, but I'm having an issue with one layer displaying in the right place in IE. Page looks great in Safari, and Netscape 7, but the main content isn't aligned properly horizontally in IE.

Is it possible to do a fix that will work in all three, or should I give up and just do an alternate stylesheet?

The page in question: http://www.thodyconsulting.com/csstest/template.html

All the positioning css is embedded, the linked file is just text stuff for the most part.


11-23-2004, 09:33 AM
Considering the HTML version used, IE probably goes into quirks mode resulting in the application of the incorrect box model. Since you combine and width and padding and margins on the content div, you're bound to run into troubles with it.
You can use Tantek Celik's Box Model Hack (Google!) to serve IE with adjusted values; I really recommend however that you rethink the whole absolute positioning approach DW seems to serve as a standard cop-out for replacing table layouts.

Although there are reasons for abs pos'ing the navigation sections (source order and all), I see no use whatsoever for rearranging the source order for the basic header - main content - footer combo; best would be to leave these three in the normal flow, and only position the top nav bar and left nav menu. Leaving the main content section in the normal flow alone will probably solve most of your problems.

11-23-2004, 03:09 PM
The reason I rearranged the source code is because there's a lot of code in my header, so my content gets pushed way down into the last 3/4 of the source, which is poor for search engine positioning.

Now, I have my header 1 line under my body tag, followed immediately by my keyword rich content. A far better scenario.

In fact, if you've ever tried to lay out absolute layers in Dreamweaver, you know it's nearly impossible. I've managed to slim my source by about 50%, and get my content right under the body tag...worth a couple days work if you ask me.

Thanks for the Tantek Celik reference, I'll have to check that out. I spoke too soon about the previous response. The list idea was better, but it still didn't lose the spacing around the images.

11-23-2004, 03:27 PM
did you realise that in IE6 on xp home, your contact button shifts to the next line so that it obstructs the heading 'Domain Tools'?

Also, did you consider putting your css in an external style sheet? perhaps its only in this html page to enable us to see it more easily and then to (hopefully) help?


11-23-2004, 03:31 PM
Yes, I was working on it more last night, and saw that the button got bumped down. That's something new. Thanks though.

All the css will be linked, it's just easier to work on, and have people check out when it's embedded like that.