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11-05-2004, 07:11 PM
erm... my last (1st!) post has gone missing.. probably becasue it was so long and boring!... so heres the short version.

can anyone tell me if theres a different syntax for loading multiple frames from a cell made into a link with the OnClick command, other than the following code...

<td onclick="window.open('frame1.html','frame1'); window.open('frame2.html', 'frame2');"
onmouseover="this.style.backgroundColor='#FF00FF';this.style.cursor='hand'; this.style.color='#FFFFFF';" > text label </td>

In opera, this code forces all the links to open in seperate tabs/windows rather than loading them into the proper frames.
im thinking that i should be using something like:


but i dont know if this is correct (i cant get it to work anyway) and i dont know how to add multiple targets to it either

cheers very much for any help, this is really frustrating me now... no one seems to know the answer.


Willy Duitt
11-08-2004, 03:00 AM
Try: onclick="document.frames['frame1'].location.href='frame1.html';document.frames['frame2'].location.href='frame2.html'"

Or: onclick="document.frames['frame1'].src='frame1.html';document.frames['frame2'].src='frame2.html'"

And watch nesting double quotes within double quotes....