View Full Version : Message Functions in C/API

Dr. Evil
11-01-2004, 11:25 AM
Hello everyone. I am, as you can tell, new to this forum and I had a few questions about the message functions in C/API which I have posted on another forum in vain. (I apologize for the lameness and unoriginality of my name, but I'm not the most creative of persons and SirNotApearingOnThisForum wouldn't fit)
Anyways, I've created a program to send messages with the NetMessageBufferSend() function to allow it to be sent from an alias. However, according to MSDN, the ACL list, by default, only allows administators or domain controllers to call this function on a remote computer, and since we are not administrators at school, it's a little useless at the moment. The same goes for NetMessageNameEnum(). However, I know it it possible to use these or alternatives because net.exe uses them. So, basically, would anyone know how to change the ACL list or do whatever I need to do in order to use these functions? MSDN was a little to vague about it all and since I originally thought of ACLs as something related to files, I'm a little in the dark here. I'm not going to post the code because it would probably take up a page by itself and it really isn't needed.