View Full Version : Forms (submitting, manipulating & emailing) PS Complete Newbie :(

08-22-2002, 06:30 PM
Ok chaps, you all seem like an intelligent bunch I wonder if you can help me. I'm a complete newbie asked by a friend to make a sample website with an order form on it.

I've told him I'll have a go at it, but as I dont have much experience Im turning to you lot for help. I am reading books and net tutorials etc but I'm progessing slowly (too slowly).

The form need the following text fields: First Name, Last Name, Address (County/Post Code etc), Email Address and check boxes for each individual item to order and Text Boxes for the quantity. I also need two more check boxes for Payment method, either Nochex or Qubie.

Forget about validation for the moment - from othe people's posts I might be able to work that out myself...

Anyways, When the user submits the form, I need the JavaScript to make a variable for the Order Reference number and store the following info into it:

n(ochex)|q(ubie)-Last Name(1st 3 Chars)-Date(Day,Month)-Time(Hour,Mins)

So an example Order Number might be:
n-Smi-2208-1730 for Nochex:payment, Name:Smith, placed on:22/08 @ 17:30

I then need this number to to be displayed on a new (or the same) web page, saying thanks you'll receive an email confirming your order.... and two emails need to be sent - one to the customer's email address and one to the company's.

So I hope that's enough info for you and I do hoep you can help me. BTW I'm not making any money out of this - I just want to see what can be accomplished - give recommendations and learn in the process.

Thanks a lot


Also, I suppose it needs to total the value of the quantity of the goods ordered and display that in an alert box or something as well as in the emails. Also the emails need to be formatted so they're readable.