View Full Version : Images and browser cross-compatibility

10-18-2004, 07:06 AM

I'm trying to match up the color of an image with the table background. I used an eyedropper tool to get RGB values from the image (a jpeg) and plugged 'em into the table using CSS. However, the colors don't align correctly. They look fine in IE, but in Firefox the colors are off. :confused: What am I missing here? Thanks for the help.

If you want to test it yourself, make a rectangle using the following color, and then embedded it in a table along with this CSS code. Load the page up in IE and Firefox and see what you get.

background-color: rgb(247,243,239)

10-18-2004, 05:56 PM
Firstly, try it with the hex value instead of RGB: #F7F3EF.

Secondly, what image type are you using? If you're using JPEG or GIF (which I suspect you are ;) make sure that this colour is in the index (in the case of GIF) and that you're saving with 100% quality if it's a JPEG.