View Full Version : Creating a footer in Dreamweaver Mx 2004

10-07-2004, 02:57 PM
This has bugged me for ages......

I want to create a simple layout that, amongst other things creates a footer at the bottom of the page. I see this all the time on sites, but can never seem to acheive it. I have tried making table which are 100% high, but this doesn't force the footer cell right to the bottom. Obviously, when the window size is changed by the user, the footer should move up until all availible space is used.

I would have thought this would be pretty straightforward, but despite my best efforts it has allways eluded me, any thoughts?

And yes, I do still use tables to create layouts!!

10-10-2004, 03:19 PM
Either way is not ideal but if you want it fixed at the bottom of the screen even when you scroll you could use:

Frames: a thin frame at the bottom of the page as your footer then your main content in the page

Javascript: you can use a script that will hold a footer at the bottom of the screen but there are often jumpy and can get annoying

Do you want it to always be visable as with the above ideas or do you just want it at the bottom of the content - why can you not just place it here, does it really matter that much if your content does not fill the page and push your footer right to the bottom, just place it as text after your table

Hope this is of some help