View Full Version : Choose menu items display using an item popup list

08-21-2002, 07:16 PM
Alright basically i have a page that looks like this now:


The scenario now is to have an 'add' button' on the page that'll show a popup window that displays the menu items when clicked, like this:


When the first item 'All teams' is clicked followed by '>>', the item will show on the right selection box:


Now, after the user finished with the choosing of the menu items and click 'Done'; this popup window will close and return to the main page i started with. The main page should now show only the first line of the main page; ie if the user chose only 'All teams', the main page should now only have one item followed by just one row of textbox,buttons,...
The rest will not appear, they will only if they were chosen on the popup list initially.
Currently i can only make the menu items customisable, the textboxes and buttons are not dynamic now...
Quite in an urgent need for help..any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance! :)