View Full Version : DirectoryIndex (Apache) not working???

09-25-2004, 07:41 PM
Hi everyone... I'm new to Apache and PHP, so I was just wondering how to change my main page. I'm running the latest version of Apache and PHP (as far as I know), and I can't get DirectoryIndex to work in my .htaccess file or in httpd.conf. Can someone tell me how to change my default start page, so when I type "http://localhost/" it comes up? Here is what I was using:

DirectoryIndex index.php

Maybe I missed something? Also, what directory does the .htaccess file go in?

Thank you!

# Edit

Fixed it. My computer was being screwy. A simple restart and.... :)
Note to self: when changing from a file that gets cached as your home page such as a text file, clear the cache, restart Apache, and try again

Thank you everyone!