View Full Version : why wont my form e-mail me

09-23-2004, 10:36 AM
Hi i have this form

but it wont mail me?

any ideas?? thank s

//echo "Title[$Title]";
$txtTo = "hamandmushroom@hotmail.com";
$txtFrom = "From: $email \r\n";
$subject = "From www.l.co.za";
$header = " \n\n";
$footer = " \n";

// continue with rest of form...
$message .= "Name : $name \n\n";
$message .= "Telephone : $tel \n\n";
$message .= "Fax : $fax \n\n";
$message .= "E-mail : $email \n\n";
$message .= "Vehicle_required : $Vehiclerequired \n\n";
$message .= "Start_of_hire : $Startofhire \n\n";
$message .= "End_of_hire : $Endofhire \n\n";
$message .= "Delivery_address : $deliveryaddress \n\n";
$message .= "Collection_address : $Collectionaddress \n\n";

$message .= "Enquiry : $enquiry \n\n";

mail ($txtTo, $subject, $header . $message . $footer, $txtFrom);


09-23-2004, 11:22 AM
probably because hotmail is rather picky and treats it as spam. probably because of your header. Try sending them to another adress to make sure it's not a problem with your server (--> i'm asuming you're on a *nix platform. If you're on a windowsmachine, then you need to do some extras)

i know that my mails get accepted but don't have the code i use at hand.

check out http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php for examplecode or else google for 'php mail hotmail header'