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09-21-2004, 11:22 PM
I was wondering about how to make a resource page, or what is called a sticky? I would like to turn the following into a page for others to turn to for when they are in need of a server on their sytem:


Well, the standard, or classic, server of all time, is the one by Apache:

I had found this link below from a book on Perl. Its called Sambar. I never really did get around to installing it, and working my away around it, but from what i understand, it is a free server application for anyone who works with windows, and anyone who is interested in having a testing ground for Webpage design. If you dont know what a server is, then i suggest you do some research on the internet.

Like the one above, i found this next link from the same book on Perl. It's called Xitami. And like the one above, it is meant to work with the Windows environment, and the Linux operating system, i think. You may if you like, go to the site, and dig up what you can on what it has to say about their server: I think that they sell theirs for $99 dollars, which technically speaking, is hella cheap.

Now, i must admit that the next one was given to me by a member of this forum. The server is called Merlin. I had never even heard of it until i had posted a question on the subject of servers, and someone gave me the link. I like it when my options for choosing anything increases. Personally, the more servers one has to choose from, the better the world is. Granted, in the end, one only wants what is of the highest quality, but still, having a choice is better than not having one. It is with this view in mind, that i proudly post this link:

The next link here, was sort of a suprise, much like the one above. I came to knowing about this next link by accidant really. I was looking for free compilers for the C++ language, and from the hits i got, i got this one link that listed basically a ton of free software. So scanning the list, i ran the names of the programmes listed in a search engine, and got the actual address of the programs home page. Thats how i found about this server called BadBlue. I would check out, just to see what it has to say on the item:

Now, i am not totally familiar with ASP, but i know that if you want to learn it, you will need a server that will support it. That's where the following link maybe of great use to you:

Now, if you want more than the above, you will need probably the below. The below link i think is some what of a package deal. This is great if you really dont want to mess around with set ups, and the what not:

Now the regretable part to the above is, that you need what is called the Microsoft .NET Framework. You will not be able to work with the above, unless you have the items offered on the following link:

Now, if you want to know whats the difference between ASP, and the programming language that relates to it ( like VBscript ), i would suggest the links below:

A really good site to learn about alot of stuff, is the following,

The above has some great stuff on computers. But for what you maybe interested in, i did the following leg work for you:


If you are into challenges, and some rather complex programming, then i would suggest anything that relates to Perl. Perl was basically the fundation for PHP. I would at least check the site out, to see what it has to say on the subject:

If installing some of the above individually seem like a hassle to you, you might want to consider a package deal, like the one offered by the link below. On that sites page, they claim that you can get PHP, MySQL, Perl/CGI, and Apache, all pre-configured. All this means that all the individual parts are inter-connected, and set up to run with one another.

I dont know a whole lot about the Linux system, but the following supposedly is a free distribution for anyone familiar with the Linux Operating System:


I hoped i havent ticked anyone off.

sir pannels
10-07-2004, 03:18 PM
I've reported this post to a mod so they can sticky it if they think its worth it and then they can delete my post ;)