View Full Version : Message box on client side using class library of .net

09-21-2004, 09:47 AM
hi to all,

can any one of u solve my problem.
I have written the code that but it is giving the message boxes on server side only.

I want to show the message bow on client side, my part of code is as
Public Class eventsink
Public Sub OnEvent(ByVal listevent As Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListEvent)

Select Case listevent.Type
Case SPListEventType.Insert
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Now I wanted a message which should be seen by the client .
i am been able to show it on server.
this is class library from the template ob vb.net.
so here we could not include scripts.
then how to include and show it is a major problem for me.

Reply soon

Roy Sinclair
09-21-2004, 05:19 PM
The "message box" for client side use is the Javascript "alert" or "confirm" functions. There's no provision for using .NET on the client through the browser, especially since the browser may not even be running on a .NET capable platform. This also sounds suspicously like you're planning on being able to stop midway through the execution of your page and request input from the user which you'll use for the rest of the page, that's a common mistake made by people new to this kind of work but it's not a possibility thats supported by the browsers either.

For your purposes you should expect that your code on the server will have completely executed before the client at the browser even sees the previous page in the browser disappear.