View Full Version : Anyone here goos with Paint Shope Pro?

09-11-2004, 03:25 AM
I was wondering if anyone here was good with paint shop pro, or any other, picture editing software. I need to get my hands on images of chess pieces. My ideal would be to get a hold of picture that has the actual shape of a chess piece back the ground is transparent so that it can match whatever colors i may choose for a board game. In other words, if i want the board game to be black and red, then i want a picture that will show either of those 2 colors when i move the image from one point on the board to another. If i choose black, and yellow instead, then i want those colors to show. And so on, and on.

If the above is not possible, could someone recommend a site for me to go to to get such images?

Willy Duitt
09-11-2004, 03:44 AM
I seriously doubt these are what you are looking for but I have them handy...


09-11-2004, 07:36 AM
The answer is "Yes," and "No".

The problem with them was that they were too small. I think the dimensions was like 30 by 30 pxs, and thats a bit too small for my taste.

I tried making my own with MS Paint, to the dimensions of 50 by 50pxs, but i am not sure how i will do the transparent part of the image.

This where your images are a "Yes." They are transparent, and i know because i tested on a page.

Mine however, do not show up as a transparent image as far as the background is concerned. I am afraid that if i do not find images with a transparent background, that i will probably have to increase my coding work load.