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09-08-2004, 04:29 PM
hi there!

how should i put this? i've got 5 subs.

sub1 - is the initial sub. according to a choice of the user a person can either go to sub2 or sub3
sub2 - allows the user to go to sub4
sub3 - allows the user to go to sub5

so...here are the possible sequences:
sub1, sub2, sub4
sub1, sub3, sub5

now here is my problem. how can i built a select case to allow for that? here is what i have:
Select case request.querystring("fazer")
case "search4" sub5
case "search3" sub3
case "search2" sub4
case "search1" sub2
case else sub1
end select
this works if the person first chooses to go to sub2, but if she chooses to go to sub3 it won't.

help please?