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08-31-2004, 02:10 PM
This is a contest in writing a quine (a script that lists it's own source code), where you may win a GMail invite. Original contest posting at <webgraphics (http://web-graphics.com/mtarchive/001308.php)>

So, you know what a quine is? No? Itís a script that outputs itís own source code listing. This is a contest to write a JavaScript quine. The contest will run until 2004-09-12. Winners in the cathegories First Posted Quine, Fastest Quine, Smallest Quine, and Most Elegant Quine will be given a GMail invite (unless they already have one, in which case they will have to do with the glory of having won the contest). Content rules will be as follows:
Since JavaScript doesnít have a standard output, the return value of the last statement in the quine, which must be a string, will be considered the output.
The usage of the internal deparser at the top level of the quine is not allowed. This means for example using a wrapper function and explicitly or implicitly calling the toString or toSource methods on this function from within. (Meaning that I donít want to see something like this:
(function quine(){return '('+quine+')();';})();)

Of course, other usages of wrapper functions are allowed.
The quine must run in the newest version of at least two out of the four browsers IEW, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Safari.
Submissions should be mailed to me, liorean at gmail dot com.

09-13-2004, 07:52 PM
Contest over. See <http://web-graphics.com/mtarchive/001321.php> for conclusions when I have finished the entries page.