View Full Version : Is there a Javascript Debugger in Opera?

Maximus - DFX
08-18-2002, 08:52 PM
Yet another simple question. I can't find any such debugger for opera. Maybe there's a plugin. Can anyone help?

08-18-2002, 08:59 PM
No, not that I'm aware of. Here's a link you might find useful for your question and a lot more (see "Web Developer Tools" for the Javascript debugger / console information(near the bottom)):


Maximus - DFX
08-18-2002, 09:18 PM
Well tanks anyway although that page seems a little incorrect cause it says that IE5.5 has no Javascript debugger, unless it's referred to as an "error notification" tool. If so, does Opera have any such error notification?

08-18-2002, 09:33 PM
Yes,if theres a javascript error,opera should display a dialog (unless you disabled it in your preferences),but its pretty sucky.If you really want to see what the errors are,then you should use Mozilla and open the javascript console (and enable strict warnings in your preferences).Mozilla also has a real javascript debugger.

Maximus - DFX
08-18-2002, 10:18 PM
You wouldn't mind telling my how to enable it? I'm really trying to find the option but I just can't. I know I sound like such a kid but I can't help it.

08-18-2002, 10:34 PM
You can enable the JS error reporting in Opera 6 by selecting
File->Preferences->Multimedia and checking the box "Report JavaScript errors" in the "JavaScript" section.