View Full Version : HV Menu- links to subdirectories problem

08-08-2004, 02:16 AM
How do you make the menu point properly (localy, before uploading the files to the internet) from/to subdirectories within the web structure.

For instance:
Menu3_1_1=new Array("products","products.htm","",0,20,135);
Menu3_1_2=new Array("Services","services.htm","",0,20,110);

In this example, products.htm is located at the webroot level directory, and services.htm on a subdirectory (directory2).

When I locally load services.htm if I use the menu to go to products.htm (which is on the root directory) the result will be a blank page, since the script will only look for the file on the subdirectory "directory2" where "services.htm" resides.

I tried to use diferent sintax for pointing at the files on the root directory but no luck so far (my knowledge of js is very limited)

(I prefer not to use the http://www.xxxx.htm format for the links, since that will not work to test files locally)

any help wil be appreciated