View Full Version : How to reset event handler for an inline frame (iframe) for IE

08-02-2004, 03:47 PM
Hi, there:
I'm writing a test for html files. In my main dtml file, I added an inline frame, like this:
<iframe NAME="myiframe" ID="myiframe" SRC="/"></iframe>

In my main dtml file, I want to write javascript code to reset the onbeforeunload event handler of "myiframe" to something else, or even to null, but it never works. The code is like this:

document.getElementById('myiframe').contentWindow.window.onbeforeunload = SomeFunctionNameIDefined;

Strangely enough, no matter what I set it to be, the value of onbeforeunload is always null.

This actually works for Mozilla. And also, if I add "window.onbeforeunload = SomeFunctionNameIDefined" in the code of "myiframe" code ( not main dtml file ), it works fine as well.

So I wonder is there something wrong with the DOM??

Thanks A LOT!!!!