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Bob Burns
07-30-2004, 10:52 AM
Hi everyone, I keep one getting this strange message box when I try to run a web form. The form displays data from a database at page load. The weird thing is that when I first coded it, the web form worked perfectly and when i ran it the first time data was displayed. But when I made a few formating changes by including some <br> tags and grouping the data into tables, the strange message box appeared with the following info:

The header of the message box contained =>
The body contained the following info=>
Some files might harm your computer, if the file looks suspicious don't open or download it
FileName : index_suppliers.aspx
File Type: ASP.Net Server Page

would you like to open or save it to your computer?

Why is this message appearing? It hasn't appeared before when I ran my web-forms?
Thanks Bob.