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07-25-2004, 03:41 PM
I'm looking for 1, maybe even 2 experienced PHP/MySQL (or another language) programmers to help me and another guy with an upcoming project/idea we want to do.

I will explain the details more to you in private via AIM or email.

So, we have 2 people working on this. One is me, doing the design end of this, and another guy who is doing an application to pull the information from the database into the program and display it on the users computer.

So we need someone to do the backend on the web side. It would include a user registration, editing user profiles, browsing for info, posting new info, search, and a full admin area to control the 'environment', etc.

We'd hope it to be reliable. It wouldn't be good if 100 or so users registered and it bombed because of poor coding practice or some other error.

I will make you a complete flow chart of the database structure, and a complete storyboard in Visio so you can visualize how everything will work, what all will be there, what the forms will contain, etc, because I'm a pretty horrible explainer, as you can probably tell.

I already have most of the client side mapped out, and about 1/3 of the database, so you can check that out when you contact me.

I'll also be providing hosting, and the domain(s) for this.

Sadly, you won't be getting paid for this. It would just be an experience to work with a small team and try to develop this to its fullest extent . I'm sure it would eventually be a great addition to your portfolio and stuff like that. In the future, if the site does take off the way I'd like it too, we could place Google Ads on there and you could definitely receive a percentage of that money (if any).

I think that makes sense.

Contact me on AIM ( OctopusLamp ) or email me ( thenick@gmail.com ) if you are interested.


07-25-2004, 04:36 PM
This thread is gonna be closed, because in the rules it states:

For offers, compensation (in monetary form or otherwise) must be accompanied and clearly stated in your post.

Your offer also contradicts itself. You won't find an experienced programmer who is so desparate in need of a first item in his portfolio, simply because he has already a portfolio. Anyone who has programmed for a few years and would call himself "experienced" has either worked or done some pet projects. There's no need to work for free for someone else.

Plus, be reminded of the implications when you don't pay anything. Imagine someone has programmed for you a few weeks when he gets a new offer to do a similar application for someone who pays. What would you do? I'd ditch you, take the source code I have done and change "employers". Zero pay implies zero loyalty.

Just my 0.02

07-25-2004, 04:49 PM
First off, sorry about not reading the rules and posting wrong and whatnot.

Secondly, I didn't mean that this would be a first addition to a person's portfolio, just an addition in general.

Lastly, I thought there MAY still be loyal people available in the world. :o

Thanks for the info though.

07-25-2004, 07:42 PM
Lastly, I thought there MAY still be loyal people available in the world. :o

I don't think it's a question of loyalty -- by all means, I help my friends with things like this all the time. You have to understand that many people in this field are struggling to get by and/or struggling to get their own freelance out the door. Much of us, including myself, have done free jobs for people to not only improve our portfolio, but also to help.

There comes a point, though, where you have to question that you've done enough portfolio work, that if you actually do free work it needs to be fun and challenging or give you recognition.

So, from an experienced designers point of view, this is how I view this post:
ok, so they're not advanced users -- this means that they most likely are not 100% sure what they want. Aside from me coding for a 2-4week time schedule, I will also have to take commands/additions/changes that will most likely tack on more time -- not to disclude the fact that dealing with a team of multiple people will require a beaurocratic method (taking leads from different people) which always tacks on more time. Since this project seems not-to-challenging for an experienced user, most of my loss will be time and expenses and the possibility of losing paying projects.

That's why I wouldn't take it. There are a million great ideas out there, but you haven't explained what yours is without going through the secretive steps of PMing you - so I don't know if we're making a community site for the benefit of mankind... or a marketing/product/selling site that is for your financial benefit (and possibly mine). If it's the latter, how can you blame someone for not asking for payment; that's your goal, am I right? Your meaning is money, so that goes full circle.

But telling someone it's lack of loyalty for not doing free work for someone we don't know -- is the equivalent of me telling my government the actions they are doing are improper, and them telling me I'm unpatriotic.

You might want to give a little more information than that. This is marketing... and marketing doesn't get people with this little salesmanship and information:)

That being said, if you're not going to pay, nothing in these posts gave me a reason to jump for joy and drop you a line.

This isn't meant to be sarcastic or come over as negative, I just want potential developers to see this, and I want to help you clearify how you sell your ideas and offer payment alternatives. You've given zero reason for anyone to show you loyalty who is not your friend or family.

07-25-2004, 09:12 PM
I completely understand what you mean. I don't by any means think that this 'idea' will produce much, if any profit at all. Which is the whole reason why I'm skeptical about paying someone to do this. I was looking to make this to help other people, not to profit.

I guess it's hard to get my point across without telling the idea, but that's fine. Thanks for your advice.

07-25-2004, 10:13 PM
That's totally cool -- then you should have said it was a not-for-profit venture, and expressed what it is benefiting. You can do that without compromising your secret and giving away your unique idea. :thumbsup: