View Full Version : Invoking the Render Method in Asp.Net

Bob Burns
07-20-2004, 08:10 PM
I have a page(lets say its url is www.google.com) which has a list of links, when a link is clicked the href changes from www.google.com?supplier_id=34 behind my asp.net code in my Page_Load sub procedure I check to see if the event was a post back or not. If its a post back i take the parameter passed supplier_id=34 using the Request.QueryString() method. connect to a database get the supplier name based on the supplier id and what I want to do is format the page i am currently on using the Render method, is there another way of doing this or is the way I am currently doing good programming practice? If so how can I invoke the Render method since it expects a HtmlTextWriter. Here is a sample piece of code of what I am trying to do

Sub Page_Load(object As System.Object,e As Systen.Events)
if Me.isPostBack
paramater = Request.QueryString(supplier_id)
//connect to db
// query database return recordset
//invoke Render() somehow

}//end of page_load

Overrides Sub Render(output As System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter)
//create page dynamically using the output html text writer


Is this possible or is there another less complicated way od doing this?
Thanks Bob.