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08-16-2002, 02:14 PM


I have came across this kind of URL for so many time, but not really understand how it work and how does the variable is passed??? What Scripting are they using?? ASP, PHP , JSP...etc

Please advice!

08-16-2002, 09:11 PM
It is sometimes a compiled program, but more often than not it is a file that is named exactly as you see it (ShowLetter) with no extension and then the webserver is configured to recognize this file as a certain type and process it (either with htaccess or on the server cofiguration level). The file itself then knows that anything after itself in the query string is a variable/value to key off of and use.

It is one of the basic ways to get dynamic pages to be search engine friendly (though not in your example). Any server-side language can be used to do this, as it mainly has to do with what the server recognizes as a file and then what the file can do with itself.

08-20-2002, 02:40 AM
Any idea how to do this with Apache (1.3.26)?

08-20-2002, 07:50 AM
you can use apaches ForceType directive .... an example from the man himself !