View Full Version : 3 questions: .htaccess, ../ jump, gd

07-18-2004, 10:02 PM
i wanna refer files like .gif, .css etc. using ../ scheme in code of pages of
my sub_domains and addon_domains; i don't wanna use fully qualified url like http://~ ( all folders are in 'www' )

my .htaccess file can't be seen using CuteFTP ?
it is visible via my control panel; it resides in 'www'.
i've also downloaded in ascii and binary; i got blank file.
how can i upload my new .htaccess code ?
my server is linux/apache.

i wanna write font ( of my choice, say comic sans ) on a animated image file
i remote server use PHP 4.3.2; and i can't configure it.
also i m forced to use .gif because it is animated format
but gd library of PHP 4.3.2 has disabled writing on .gif image
if u've no solution; atleast give me way2use font of my choice on .png image

before replying, understand what i mean