View Full Version : Vilevenue.tk - Review please.

07-18-2004, 07:59 AM
Vile Venue is a very interesting art site, that has grunge and other art on display. Tutorials and downloads are also available. It features the works of Kris and Lev. It also has forums. Please take a look and review.

Vile Venue Site (www.vilevenue.tk)
Vile Venue Forums (www.gpulse.digital-chost.net/forums/)

07-18-2004, 11:01 PM
If it weren't for the fact you was after a review, I would've left your site before seeing any content. Your splash screen is pointless and takes forever and a day to load on 56k.

After goin into the site, it seems it's all based on broadband connections, even the 2 thumbnails on the artwork page take a while to load.

As for your html, yoou shouldn't be using tables for creating layouts. That's not what they're designed for, they're meant for tabular data not design. You should be using css and divs for design. You might want to learn xhtml and css at www.w3schools.com and ditch frontpage when you've learnt it better. You'll wonder why you ever used frontpage and despise it one day ;)