View Full Version : i am a complete newbie, i have no idea what i am working with, please help.

07-17-2004, 05:15 AM
the reason i signed up is so that i might be able to find someone to help me. i really have no clue what i am dealing with, that is why i had posted here. i have signed up for a domain at iconrate.com, i know i can upload stuff with the file manager but i don't know how to make this stuff accessible to other users or myself for that matter. there are three things that constatly show up; ftp, cpanel, and mysql(or something). the domain i signed up for is a subdomain of iconrate, which makes sense to me. when i type in my domain address, the page that loads is one of those plain ones with the arrow and "parent directory" next to it and the folders listed below it. i can access not of these folders except for "images" which is empty. the file manager that i had mentioned earlier does not see these "_private" and "images" folders. although all of these things are related to my domain and iconrate... they seem completely different parts with no connection. am i doing something wrong?
i simply wish to use this domain to host some files for downloading...
i have tried to give as much info about my situation as i can(i really am a newbie XD), please, if someone can and would help me, i'd be very grateful.
thank-you in advance.

also, if i have posted in the wrong topic, please tell me and i will move.

07-17-2004, 09:38 AM
Welcome here !

Did you try their supportforum?