View Full Version : How to change from existing DIV overlays to simple image swapping

07-16-2004, 12:33 AM
Thanks for your time in reading this.

As a non-prgrammer, I have managed, by sheer triaI and error, to rearrange a site's "old" form (they now use Flash) into a "working" page - please see www.soccerbingo.co.uk/sixpixentry.htm
(I managed to teach myuself enough CGI to produce a Confirmation Page and send the form data by email - simple for you folks, I know!!)

The matching external javascript is at http://www.soccerbingo.co.uk/PrizeBusterScript.js

The actual form uses 3 overlays (I think of them as "touchpanel", "numbers" and "graphic on/off") but this is messy.

I would much prefer to replace the existing "Ball Grid" with simple individually numbered balls that switch "on" when clicked. (I realise I will need to create 2 graphics for each of 49 balls)

Try as I might, with help downloads and Library books, I am flummoxed!

Can anyone please give me some simple pointers on how to adapt the existing .js file to do this, please? (Everything in it works OK .... though it probably has stuff I don't need).

It would be a tremendous help just to have a sample line of Code for the new "onClick etc." and ALSO to know (highlight?) the bits of Script that will become unnecessary.

Many thanks.

Clive Smith