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07-11-2004, 05:39 AM
good day everyone,
hi.i am pretty new here and i am also quite new to asp. there fore i seek anyone's help as i am in need of serious and fast help here bcoz i have a dateline by today. :(
ok i'll get to the point. what i am doing here is a very simple system(for you all but not me). i have tried several ways of doing this but i end up going nutz. This webpage consists of 3 pages and each page has a viewable time of 5 seconds before going to the next one(automatically).all the pages value are called from the database and is randomly called and changed every 1 second when displaying it to the monitor.i'll get to the 1st page.

This first page looks something like this(the picture is too big so i have to write it out):
Shiftly Output : 9000

Expected Output : 0

Cummulative Output : 0

Performance : 40%

ok what's going on in this page is that the values of 9000, 0, 0, 40% are randomly called from the database and changed every 1 second. the text of "shiftly output, expected output, cummulative output and performance" are static. The value of performance goes RED only when it is 49% and below. if it is 50% and above the it goes to GREEN. so this page will last 5 seconds before going to the second page.

2nd page:

Cummulative Stop

Cummulative DownTime

like the 1st page the text "cummulative stop" and "cummulative downtime" are static. the value of 1 and 00:01:05 are the ones called from DB and changed every 1 second. and also, has a viewable time of 5 seconds like the 1st page.

3rd page:


this page only comes out if the performance value in the 1st page is 49% and below. therefore if the performance value in the 1st page is 50% and above this page doesn't appear and from the second page it will redirect back to the 1st page.if this page appears, like the other pages, it has a 5 second viewable time before redirecting it to the 1st page. The text in this 3rd page are all static. nothing called from DB.

i hope i have given enough info...i will attach the Db and scripts of what i have done. but it's not what it really is as it needs to be refreshed. check the attachment and you will see what i mean. it's actually a very simple programme of 3 pages but i have a problem in the timing of 1 second and five seconds and also controlling the third page's appearence.
I seriously need help here as i have a due date of today!!...going nutz!!!!

07-12-2004, 10:40 AM
You've got a site that hits your database once a second? :eek:

07-13-2004, 02:06 AM
yes...it's done already.... :)

07-13-2004, 03:58 AM
What Spudhead meant was having a site that accesses the database every second means putting a very very heavy load to the web server and database server. Imagine if you have a big number of currently connected users, that would spell disaster to your servers! :eek:

But I think this is not exactly what you meant in your first post. Probably you were saying you have a client-side timer to display the data retrieved from the db and stored in a javascript array and then displayed on the page every second. I saw your code and I noticed that it was the code I suggested on mivec on another thread (http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=41277).