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07-10-2004, 02:11 AM
Ok, here is my deliema:
My father,stepmother,father's friend and i are starting a kind of business where troops or their families may go online and order things. Like if a navy officer were on a ship and his anniversary were coming up he could go online go to the website and order chocolate or whatever for his wife. or the wife could send him razors or whatever.
Now it is open item, meaning that there is no set list, they go and type what they want to send into a little box on the homepage, after they hit enter whatever they typed into the box is saved as a cookie with the name item01 and it goes back to the same page. then if they type another thing in that item is saved in another cookie called item02 and so on. then there is a link on the page that opens a pop-up. in the pop-up it tells them what items they have requested and asks them for their name, email,etc(no math object it is open!) we then find out how much it costs and contact them throught email or phone. i need a cookie function that will do most of or all of the above mentioned things. i know that there is a lot of reading so for whoever posts to this THANKYOU!

07-10-2004, 02:41 AM

I think someone already beat you to the punch


If they have internet access why wouldn't they just order some chocolate directly.


Given your description, I don't think cookies would really need to be involved, being that if someone were to place a very large order, only so much information could be stored. You could end up running out of room on your largest orders and lose business. Best bet would just be to allow someone to dynamically add a new form element when they want to add another item and submit the form all at once.