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06-30-2004, 08:10 AM
What exactly does this mean? I found a number of posts about it -- one from ME over two years ago -- and none I saw had solutions.

I'm getting "Permission denied to get property Window.SetItemsON

Works fine in IE.

Can't imagine my code will mean much out of context but when I don't post it I always get asked to so here it is. Also, reloading the page, sometimes it works.

c+="<input type=radio name=itemsOn onClick='parent.create.setItemsOn()'";
if (DV>0){c+=" checked"}
c+=">On - Enter Items:&nbsp; Enter your own foods and recipes";

// Set items on
function setItemsOn(){
// Get item number if cookie exists
if (getCookie("itemNumCookie")!=null){itemNum=getCookie("itemNumCookie")} else {itemNum=1}

function setItems(n){
if (n==1){saveCookie1y("itemNumCookie",n,X1y); DV=1; saveItems(); numItems=1; makeImage()}
if (n==2){saveCookie1y("itemNumCookie",n,X1y); DV=2; saveItems(); numItems=3; makeImage()}
if (n==3){saveCookie1y("itemNumCookie",n,X1y); DV=3; saveItems(); numItems=6; makeImage()}
if (n==4){saveCookie1y("itemNumCookie",n,X1y); DV=4; saveItems(); numItems=12; makeImage()}
// Set items off
if (n==0){DV=0; saveItems(); curItem=12; makeImage()}}

P.S. Edit to above post... Just after posting it seemed to be working. Go figure. Netscape #*&%@!

Thanks, Peter

06-30-2004, 08:20 AM
The error maybe occurs when the frame that calls the setItemsOn() function loads first before the other frame that contains that method.

06-30-2004, 03:50 PM
The error occurs when I click on the radio button, long after both pages are loaded.