View Full Version : Public Free Datasource

06-25-2004, 10:51 PM
I was wondering if any of the more avid developers out there would have any use for a public free datasource (PFD) for javascript developers to use.

It would basicaly be a custom designed webservice with a non-descriptive interface to allow people to build javascript front ended services to without being required to have a server side language.

For example, you could build an interactive game that allowed you to set a session on the PFD and allow multiple connections to attach to that sessions data.

The PFD's server would be database driven and each session would be given a timeout as well as a 6 hour lack of activity time out. This would not be a permanent datasource, it would be designed for short term usuage, or active usage.

The whole PFD service would develop a documented interface so that anyone with basic javascript skills could learn and develop on it.